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Cly's Super Comics 1-1

June 20th, 2014, 3:01 am

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What even the heck are you singing past me
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Author's Comments:

Reply CapedLuigisYoshi, June 20th, 2014, 2:22 am

Since I'm lagging behind on KDA updates, I figured now's as good a time as any to do this.

Back in the days of the Nintendo Nsider forums, I signed up on April 17, 2005, my first time being part of an online community. I became twelve three days later, so I did the most obvious first thing:

Mistook the built-in macro system to be a substitute for sigs and spammed then as a way to sign my posts. I still remember that old "Yoshi's Island = Super Mario World 2 = Super Mario Bros. 5 PROVE ME WRONG!!" thing. Still dunno why that forum decided to withhold sigs until a certain post count (and editing your posts was reserved for an even greater post count).

So, with that done with, I moved on to my first project:

A bad fanfic about Super Mario 64 DS. It was called Club G.A.P.S. I'd try to retrieve it, but that was two or three computers ago and I rewrote over the original content anyway.

What lasted slightly longer, though, was this other project: a crappy self-insert sprite comic known simply as "Cly's Super Comics". This was crap to begin with, and somehow lasted a couple years despite the fact that it had so few pages by the end that it'd be ineligible for Ulti Reviews. Its most notable achievement was the "The Extreme Team", which was meant to be a filler series for this but became my main comic for a good while until KDA wrestled control away from it.

And now I'm inflicting it on the two of you that follow this. >:D

One per day until I run out.

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Reply CapedLuigisYoshi, June 20th, 2014, 2:30 am

Commentary on the comic itself!

First off, the first six pages of this are an "arc" I eventually called Simple Saga. The first arc of "Extreme Team" was titled Simplistic Saga in reference to this. All six of them were semi-featured in a later Extreme Team arc where one of the characters goes back in time to this period, apparently staying just off-panel during the events of the originals.

The Luigi sprite is what used to be my author avatar, of course, but that maskless red Meta Knight? The one that was literally recolored with the two red shades in MS Paint's default palette back in those days? That's the avatar for my brother. He planned to join Nsider under the name CapedMario128 (but never did), so his character is called Cam.

Also, terrible flat background is terrible and horrendous "ohey it's my first comic what is a fourth wall" joke is horrendous.

I mean there's semi-officially still no fourth wall in any of my comics to date but still this is just gaaaah

User's Comments:

Reply Luigi_96, June 20th, 2014, 9:23 am

Oh good gravy. You had one of "those" comics too, huh? I pity you.
And myself because I'm going to read it. xD

Reply CapedLuigisYoshi, June 20th, 2014, 10:56 am

@Luigi_96: The weird thing is, your first one lacked backgrounds while mine had backgrounds. Best I figure, that's because you had been inspired directly by A Kirby Komic, which had no background for much of its beginning, whereas my thingy here wasn't inspired by anything specific and predates AKK anyway.

On the other hand, you started with speech bubbles and I didn't, which really worked against me due to later backgrounds. >.>

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